Saving ‘Emily Owens, MD’ from Cancellation

Saving ‘Emily Owens, MD’ from Cancellation.

To: CW Network
So many great shows go by and no one takes notice. But when a show like Emily Owens, M.D. comes along, people notice. Then the network cancels this amazingly creative show. Why is it so? Because in its first time on the bike alone, it didn’t do so well. The fans are asking the network to give this show a chance. You gave so many shows on the same network and fighting chance, and they’re still alive and going. 
Shows like these are worth the time slot. So, please.

9 thoughts on “Saving ‘Emily Owens, MD’ from Cancellation

  1. I really like this show. The characters are very interesting and fun. There is so much junk on tv including massive violent shows and way too may reality show too. Please save this unique series.

  2. Hey guys, have you seen the show’s last episode? I’ve a question. If you were Emily Owens, who would you choose? Dr Will Collins or Dr Micah Barnes? Please feel free to comment. Thanks. 🙂

  3. Why can’t the CW have a nice funny show on their schedule. Just look how many are dark and killing everyone in there. Lo and behold a new show Cult. More darkness. People need to laugh and have a good show to look forward to.

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