On the Winding Road to Independence: Probing the Present Legal Status of Tibet in the Context of International Law (Afterword)

The arguments have already been presented and the questions been answered. To conclude this analysis, it is essential to reiterate the conclusions which have been formulated in the preceding part:

(1)  China, by virtue of its historical arguments, does not hold any claim of sovereignty over Tibet. The absurdity of historical arguments could further be invoked to invalidate her claims.
(2)  Throughout the military occupation of China in Tibet, China has incurred numerous breaches of generally accepted rules of international law for which she should be held liable and accountable as this undermines the interest of the international community of nations.
(3)  All throughout its history, Tibet has remained as a State with a legitimate Government which is in exile at Dharamsala, India. Commencing from the Imperial Era up to the present, Tibet has never ceased to be a State. Tibet has fulfilled all the attributes of statehood and has even demonstrated internal supremacy and external independence which are being regarded as hallmarks of a sovereign entity. Tibet has also maintained diplomatic relations with other sovereign states. As such, it has to be provided the rights and privileges being accorded to States; and
(4)  Therefore, the military occupation of China in Tibet is an intrusion of its sovereign rights and a serious violation of the international law. With the exercise of their right to self-determination, the Tibetans can resume the exercise of sovereignty over their own territory.

A number of monasteries have already been shelled, a number of lives have been lost, gallons of blood have been shed, and peacefulness has been effaced. So long as China seeks to expand her territory through the use of force, democratic freedom will truly be a dream for Tibet.
The costs of standing by their inherent rights may appear to be appalling for the Tibetans as far as the recent events unfold. With a rogue colonial power obstructing the path to its destination, Tibet must be willing to face and defy all the odds. There is no question about that. Tibet has been facing and defying the odds for decades now. But the question of the moment lies on whether or not Tibet will be persistent and consistent in opposing the Chinese suzerainty over the territory.

The future may appear to be bleak but the Tibetans must dauntlessly show resilience in the course of defending their patrimony. In reclaiming the peace which has been grabbed from them, the Tibetans may have to sojourn to a very long and winding road; and that will not just be a stroll-in-the-park sojourn I must say. As the Dalai Lama envisions, the destination must be reached at all costs. And as the Tibetans assert, there is only one destination: that is independence.


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