(High) Jump


When I was still a child, I dreamed of becoming an Olympic medalist in track and field someday. This remains to be one of my wildest dreams. However, my physique is not apt for an athlete nor does my determination and willpower. Sports is not really my cup of tea. I can play chess or any board game you like but definitely not baseball or soccer. I can be better off in a trial court but a huge disappointment in a basketball court. Despite my height, I never wanted to become a basketball player. But in my wildest dreams, competing for a track and field event occurred to me. It is somewhat weird but one thing strikes me: the fact that I have dreams no matter how absurd they are. Maybe it is not too late. If ever I would give up my law school dream, being a sports superstar is not that bad, I guess.

This picture was taken during the Palarong Pilipino 2011 (Philippine Games 2011) held at the Philippine General Hospital , 20 August.


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