Two Months of Existence (and Counting)

Two Months of Existence (and Counting)

Just yesterday, Jaden Xavier (my younger baby brother) has officially celebrated his two months of existence in this world. This really is a blessing that I am grateful for.

Two months ago, Jaden was confined at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit because he was suffering from blood infections and some other physical complications. He stayed at the hospital for almost two weeks. Jaden is the second member in our family who was hospitalized, the first one being me. During this critical juncture of our lives, we didn’t bother about the medical expenditures skyrocketing right before our very eyes. We just want a speedy recovery for our dear Jaden. We solicited prayers from our church mates and friends. I fervently prayed to God, asking for Jaden’s return. God is good. He answered in an affirmative note.

Now, Jaden is back in good shape. I endlessly thank God for the guidance and providence. He is always faithful and true to His promises. Wearing that smirk which babies usually do, Jaden can now smile and even laugh occasionally. He cries oftentimes, only because he wants Mama’s breastmilk or he asks for his wet diapers to be replaced immediately. But more often than not, Jaden cries because he wants to feel all our arms wrapped around him, cuddling him until he falls into deep sleep.

I thought that I would be the lone boy in the family. Lucky I’ve got Jaden. I am looking forward to carrying him on my back and sending him off to pre-school. He is a jewel, indeed a precious one. I am a proud elder brother and will always be.


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