Specks of Light


I see some specks of light and blurry sceneries. Dark skies envelope my nothingness. From here, I hear the whispers of the bugs. I breathe the freshest of the air. I feel the coolness of the wind. I think nothing more but serenity and peace.

I stand 850 feet above the ground. The view from here is more than magnificent. Manila is just kilometers away but it seems that I am zillion miles away from where I used to be. As far as how I make sense of these things, I feel that I am transported somewhere beyond the bounds of realism and surrealism.

The faint lights become much fainter through my astigmatic vision. No matter how I rub my eyes, the lights appear to be scattered like drizzles stuck on a window pane. I strive hard to take a much clearer look of the world in front of me. The attempts are mere failures. The specks of lights are just as vague as a dust cloud.

It feels different to be situated on a higher ground. The world beneath me looks like a microcosmic panorama of the world which I devised. The stars seem to be closer as an arm’s length now. Though I cannot see her tonight, the moon seems to be positioned just above my head. Very well. I will stand here as long as I can and stare at these awesome specks of light with the most fervent of all hopes.

*Disclaimer: The photo was taken by Ms Allisone Jell Delos Santos, a friend and colleague, at Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines.


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