My Blog’s First Year Anniversary: Some Afterthoughts

ImageThis is my first time to write about something coming out directly from my mind. Thoughts are just cascading down and down. As you should know, I am not that fond of expressing my real thoughts (e.g. how or what I truly feel about a certain thing).

Truth be told, I am hesitant to write what I really feel. I do not want my thoughts to be read save some of those which are share-worthy. I want most of my thoughts to remain in the unfathomable depths of my mind. You may deduce that I am an introvert. Well, I guess I am. I am a little bit irritated when I am in a large crowd. I feel uneasy when I am caught in a group of loquacious storytellers. And I can cheer myself up in times of solitude.

This should not bother you. I am in good shape, trust me. I am just transforming my thoughts into words. It has been a while since I wrote something in my blog. I am ecstatic, overjoyed. Writing is an essential part of my life inasmuch as oxygen is a vital component of my existence.

So far, I am writing smoothly. Thoughts are coming with haste. They are flowing like a silent river. This could be a good time to express my thoughts but not all of them. This may lead to unwanted intrusion from the outside. So only some, not all of them.

Sometimes, if not most of the time, I cannot consolidate all my thoughts into writing. I feel overwhelmed by the words. I feel defeated by their potency. But at the same time, I marvel at their beauty and elegance. When dark clouds start to cover the ghastly skies and raindrops start trickling down my face, words will salvage me from gloominess. As long as I have a pen with me, whenever and wherever, words will never fail me. They are a friend who sticks closer than a brother. True story.

I am thankful for my blog. Here I can taste freedom. I can say what I want to say, and not say what I do not want to. I do not care much if someone agrees or disagrees with me. These are my thoughts after all; products of my cognition (not yours or anyone’s), of how I understand the complex world around me, above me, and underneath me. We have our own tangle of thoughts and so do I.

I do not wish to become a famous blogger or writer. I do not wish to become an author of a “viral” blog post. I do not crave for likes, shares, and whatever. I am not a statistics buff. All I want is a place where I can organize my thoughts well (I am a scatterbrain, you know), and a repository where I can put a parcel of me.

Though I am not that type of blogger who intently aims to expand his or her blog’s audience and drive reader engagement, I will always be thankful to my readers and those who have chanced upon my blog (whether by purpose or by destiny). I feel so much loved and appreciated. Just so you know, I always do the best that I can so I could publish relevant material from different fields and subjects which might be of interest to the reader or might be of great help to whatever he or she is working on – a school essay or paper maybe.

I may not be a good writer for which I apologize but, oh screw it, who told me to become a good writer, anyway? Well, there is this someone who told me that I write well and that I should use this talent to pursue my goals and surely I will achieve great things. She could be right or she could not be. Nevertheless, what I am sure is that I love writing and we should treasure, celebrate, and cherish the things that we love most.


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