Why we should get God out of the box

ImageThe prominent author and cartoonist Dr. Seuss once said, “Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it has happened.” I could not agree more. I always believe that God has always in store for me every day; whatever happens to my life is drawn in the intricate plan of God. I would say that I am a person who loves to smile despite the presence of challenges looming ahead of me. I have always trusted God and clung to His wonderful promises. I always bear that in mind and ponder on that thought until I calm myself down and put myself to sleep during sleepless nights. I love to repeat the words “God is able” because it has a soothing effect in me and it speaks of the truth. Truly, God is able. He has been and will always be.

Recently, the Young People’s group of our church met to decide what our theme for this year would be. We came up with “Getting Out of the Box.” It is now the right time to get out of our boxes and step out of our comfort zones. Let us do something bigger for God this year. Let us walk through the streets where we have not yet walked through. Let us share the gospel of Christ Jesus to those who have not heard it yet. That essentially is what “Getting Out of the Box” means. I have once wondered if how many years have I locked myself inside my box, how long have I been living in that four corners, and how long have I forgotten to do what I ought to be done. After all, I perfectly fit inside. I wonder if God would fit inside too. Certainly, He would. He is capable of doing anything and he is known to make the impossible possible, remember?

But the problem with us most of the time is that we see God inside a box or we seal Him inside it. When we seal God in a box, it means that we place boundaries in His ability. When greater problems beset us, we contain God inside a box, forgetting in the process that God is bigger than the box and that He is much bigger than our problems. As Christians, we should always rest our case on the truth. We cannot set limits to God’s infinite power. We may have this faintest idea of how vast this universe is or how small atoms are, but we would not know how exactly big or small God is. God’s power is beyond what our minds could think and what words could express. God’s ability is more than what we could possibly imagine.

If God is not able, then who is? Those muscular superheroes you have started to admire since childhood? Sadly, they are just products of vivid imagination. But God is not a work of fiction. He is true and He lives up in the heaven, inside your heart, inside my heart; in fact, He is everywhere. He created this magnificent work of art that is Earth. He created you and me. He unconditionally loved us like no other. He redeemed us from eternal downfall. He saved us from all our sins. He cared for us and provided us our daily needs. There’s no man – living or dead – who can do all these things. It is only God and God alone who can make all these things possible. Now, if you tell me that God is not able, I would be glad to spend my time with you and share to you my life story: of how I was changed by God, how He has blessed me in so many ways, and how He has helped me every time I feel giving up. My life is a testament of how able God is. And I am sure that the same goes with you.

When doubt clouds our faith, let us remember that God is always faithful and true to us. It is God who takes us higher than the mountains and crosses us through the deepest of the oceans. It is only through Him where we can attain victory; only through His grace where we can find strength and comfort. Let us get Him out of the boxes we have created so we can see His glory and power clearly in our lives.


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